This is the newest established business activity of Oulong. We had been the driving force in setting up a business platform between Dresden and Jinan. This is a non-profit activity mostly financed by High Tech Zone in Jinan and contributions from Oulong and its business partners. Purpose is to provide a  non-profit business platform with government support to aid small and medium sized companies in Europe and China to start business activities and find reliable cooperation partner/investors in the other region with as little risk as possible.China economy has matured and changed dramatically during the last years. For most High Tech Parks and business investors the following target model will appear:

For this purpose, Oulong, local high tech zone in Jinan and Dresden City have setup and support a non-profit Jinan-Dresden bureau with offices in Dresden and Jinan. However, this platform support all interested companies from Europe and China.
For German/European companies searching for China cooperation company, please contact Mr. Matthes, head of Dresden office.



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