Target of our import and branding business is to support our customers in various ways:
1. Provide DeOuYa (in German "DEuPro" …German and European Products and Services - "Deutsche und Europäische Produkte und Dienstleistungen") as "umbrella brand". Biggest problem for small and medium companies is to convince Chinese customer imported product is truly produced in Germany/Europe and no fake. Only big companies are able to establish an own brand name. Chinese customer is inherently suspicious due to wide scale fraud in China. We try to establish DeOuYa as a protected umbrella brand which should be associated with:
2. We do import and export on our own but not in competition to our customer. We are an operative consulting company and can only support our customers well if we do business in China on our own. DeOuYa is ready to help and market initially products for our customers if they desire. We want to continue to build up our direct and indirect sales channels for imported products and make them available to our customer.
Responsible for Import/Export business unit is primarily our DeOuYa staff in Xian. If you have any questions please feel free to contact directly DeOuYa Xian General Management, Mrs. Guan Fei.


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