Oulong started as a pure consulting company, therefore, this business is longest established and core business of Oulong Consulting. Oulong is an operative consulting company and we have supported a wide range of customers with an equally wide range of services. We helped in the setup of various factories and businesses. We usually target customers in technology related fields because in those areas our know how is strongest. Our experience is broad and we provide services from small to large….some examples:
  • hire local team for our customer
  • provide our own company as initial legal entity before customer setup own entity
  • negotiate with high tech zone support policy
  • land and cooperation partner search
  • customer search
  • improvement of local organization of customer, restructuring
  • insolvency proceedings
  • setup of complete organization
  • factory operation
  • act as sales or technical customer representative
  • provide part or full time staff according to customer requirements
Responsible for technical and business consulting business unit is Dr. Poechmueller, who is mostly located at customer projects in China. Please contact him through Oulong Consulting office in Dresden.



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